Holly Springs Population Explosion!

Here’s a picture of the official mascot of Holly Springs, NC. They call him “the little reader.”

He’s just a little guy trying to look up how the town’s population exploded so fast.

How fast did it explode you ask? Well, let me tell you…

I owned property in Holly Springs from 1995 to 2010. We pushed the population just past 3,000 when we moved in back in 1995.

When I moved out in 2010 the population was almost 25K! What the heck? Everyone followed me.

The latest records show there were almost 37K people in 2018 and town estimates maintain that the Holly Springs population will be over 50K by 2023.

“The little reader” needs to brush up on his math and reading skills if he is going to stay put in such a dynamic spot.

What about you, are you thinking of joining the Holly Springs influx too? Then you should check out www.HollySpringsNC.com to search for a home to call your own. Full disclosure, good old Triangle Trusted Realty owns that site name. 😉

Call us when you’re ready to search either in Holly Springs, or in any of the cool towns around the Triangle.

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